Chapter 2

John Denver - Pretty Lights New Remix

This is Disque Jockee here with another phat new remix. This time we got Pretty Lights doin there thing with John Denver's famous song, Country Roads. Pretty Lights takes this easy-going country classic and emphasizes the Denver's good-vibe lyrics about the state of West Virginia with a catchy take on his guitar riff, huge dubstep wobbles and complicated drum lines. This one's for you Beethoven.

John Denver - Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix)


  1. Hey Beethoven, you see how Pretty Lights truly makes this their own song? Oh wait, you can't...

  2. It's not my fault. . . . But I can definitely see the skill in this one. The artist obviously takes a lot more time chopping up the sounds into some original creative stuff (my remix still doesn't do me justice). Still, elaborate on on your spiel about lyrics.

    And this time, see if you can type like a normal human being please.

  3. I do it for the fans...yo.

    But in all seriousness, Denver captures expertly written good-vibe lyrics in which he celebrates all the good things the state of West Virginia has to offer. The song is old so not many people have the interest in discovering the celebratory emotions the song evokes. With his remix, Pretty Lights is recommunicating the song's message in a way that today's young people (to whom the song may seem outdated) will like and hopefully rediscover. The Pretty Light's take on the song is the artist's insight that the song celebrates energy and life, not just West Virginia.

  4. Interesting. I guess remixes do take after the major qualities of art. The more I listen to these songs the more I see what the DJ does to the original with such fine detail and care I can't help but feel musically challenged in comparison when I think about how they do it.

    Right now I bob my head to the Country Roads remix thinking about how happy I am to be back alive!

  5. I'm glad my music has made you feel that way, it lets me know I'm doing my job as a noble DJ.